Colorado Job's Daughters

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Grand Guardian Council Officers

          *   Grand Guardian Council Meetings - 10:00 AM

                      MARCH 13                   APRIL 10                    MAY 8

              Grand Guardian Council Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of each month -

Grand Guardian  
Associate Grand GuardianMr. Doug Kelley40
Vice Grand GuardianMrs. Stefanie McDaniel28
Vice Associate Grand GuardianMr. Craig Petty43
Grand GuideMs Cindi Sebastian Pro - tem02
Grand Inner GuardMr. Dana Fairchild  Pro - tem05
Grand MarshalMrs. Cathy Anderson40
Grand Outer GuardMr. Keith Anderson40
Grand SecretaryMrs. Kim Fairchild05
Grand TreasurerMrs. Pam Bottolfson40
Grand ChaplainMrs. Christina Page33
Grand Director of MusicMrs. René Ballinger33
Grand LibrarianMs. Ellie Brooks28
Grand 1st MessengerMrs. Tanya Van Dyke43
Grand 2nd MessengerMrs. Taryn Hybeck28
Grand 3rd MessengerMrs. Becky Huffman28
Grand 4th MessengerMrs. Erin Brown40
Grand 5th MessengerMrs.  Jennifer Schafli31
Grand Senior CustodianMr. Michael Marcus33
Grand Junior CustodianMr. Don Nichols05

2019 "HAVE FAITH" 2020

Motto:      Be  SOMEbody

                                                      Who makes EVERYbody

                                                                            Feel like SOMEbody

Colors:                 Purple and Blue

       Flowers:              Colorado Columbines

Emblems:             Hearts and Crosses

Mascots:              Lions and Lambs


    "Jesus Take the Wheel"  Carrie Underwood

                           "The Dance"     Garth Brooks

                                   "Amazing Grace"     Il Devo


Scriptures:     "In the same way, let your light shine before others,

                           that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven"    Matthew 5:16

                           "Stand Still and consider the wondrous works of GOD"            Job 37:14



HIKE Foundation,  

Educational fund of the Grand Guardian Council of Colorado JDI

International Hearing Dog, Inc.

the GGC meets the 2nd SATURDAY of each month

9:30 AM

Lakewood Masonic Center