Colorado Job's Daughters

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Grand Guardian Council Officers

          *   Grand Guardian Council Meetings - 10:00 AM

              Grand Guardian Council Meetings are the 2nd Saturday of each month

Grand GuardianMrs. Cathy Anderson40
Associate Grand GuardianMr. Keith Anderson40
Vice Grand GuardianMrs. Rebecca Huffman28
Vice Associate Grand GuardianMr. Don Nichols5
Grand GuideMrs. Christina Page33
Grand Inner GuardMr. Larry Page33
Grand MarshalMrs. Erin Brown40
Grand Outer GuardMr. James Higley43
Grand SecretaryMrs. Kim Fairchild05
Grand TreasurerMrs. Cindy Midyett40
Grand ChaplainMrs. Tami Hearn33
Grand 1st MessengerMrs. Bridget Karlin5
Grand 2nd MessengerMrs. Taryn Hybeck28
Grand 3rd MessengerMrs. Deb Gee31
Grand 4th MessengerMiss Fallon Ulibarri40
Grand 5th MessengerMrs. Molly Jo Campbell43


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Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

The GGC meets the 2nd SATURDAY of each month

9:30 AM

Golden Masonic Center