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Colorado Bethels

Bethel 58185 Bradburn DriveWestminster CO 1st and 3rd TUESDAYS 
                Bethel Guardian: Mrs.  Bridget Karlin Associate Bethel Guardian:  Mr. Greg Steele
Bethel 10     2532 9th Avenue   Greeley CO     2nd and 4th WEDNESDAYS 
                      Bethel Guardian: Mrs. Susan VargasAssociate Bethel Guardian:Mr. Eric Vargas
Bethel 28    225 West Oak StreetFort Collins CO2nd and 4th MONDAYS 
         Bethel Guardian:

  Ms Ellie Brooks               

Associate Bethel Guardian: Mr.  Larry Moline
Bethel 31    509 N. Main StreetFountain CO    1st SATURDAYS and 3rd FRIDAYS  
 Bethel Guardian:  Mrs. Jennifer Langley Associate Bethel Guardian:   Mr.  Harold Roxburgh Jr.
Bethel 33    5718 S. Rapp Street Littleton CO  1st and 3rd TUESDAYS 
 Bethel Guardian: Mrs. Rhonda Tanner    Associate Bethel Guardian: Mr.  Benjamin Bridge
Bethel 40     350 S BroadwayDenver CO   1st and 3rd WEDNESDAYS 
 Bethel Guardian:   Mrs. Pam Bottolfson Associate Bethel Guardian: Mr.  Larry Bottolfson
Bethel 43      400 10th Street Golden  CO  2nd and 4th MONDAYS 
 Bethel Guardian:  Mrs. Michelle Ford   Associate Bethel Guardian: 

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events


OCTOBER 12-14, 2018

YMCA - Estes Park


Bethel 5        October 2       7:00 PM

Bethel 10        October 10    7:00 PM

Bethel 33      October 15      7:15 PM

Bethel 40         October 17    6:55 PM

Bethel 28    November 12    7:00 PM

Bethel 43   November 26     6:45 PM

Bethel 31      December 1   11:00 AM



Traveling Gavel

The Traveling Gavel will be visiting Bethels         around the State.

It takes 3 visiting daughters (or the most) from one Bethel to Capture the GAVEL.

How many times will YOUR Bethel capture it?

Visit BETHEL 40 -1st & 3rd WEDNESDAY 6:55