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Job’s Daughters is a premier organization for young women that teaches the values of leadership, public speaking, charity, respect for parents and elders, and teamwork. We are made up of girls between the ages of 10 and 20 with chapters, called Bethels, in the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines. Job’s Daughters plan and share many fun activities.  Members participate in a variety of activities such as: bimonthly meetings, fundraisers, service projects, leadership workshops, theme parties, dances and so much more!

Job’s Daughters  gain valuable leadership experience, are part of a team, and learn democratic principles. Important life skills are learned by the girls as they take care of finances, plan fundraisers, and of course arrange fun social events,

 YOU can establish lifelong friendships with girls nearby and around the world, who share similar interests. Your new friends in Job’s Daughters will always support you as you journey together improving yourselves and the world around you.




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Public Service Award

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BETHEL 33          

AUGUST 18, 2019     4 PM

BETHEL 40        

 SEPTEMBER 4, 2019  6:55 PM

BETHEL 5         

AUGUST 24 , 2019    7 PM

BETHEL 28   

AUGUST 25, 2019    2 PM

BETHEL 43       

AUGUST 26,2019  6:45 PM